• Promising Uncompromised Quality

    Best Quality Wheat - Sun Kissed, Farm Picked

  • Promising Uncompromised Quality

    Carefully Chosen for your Kitchen

  • Promising Uncompromised Quality

    Choosing Finest Quality Wheat for
    Toughest Cooking Expert - Mom

  • Promising Uncompromised Quality

    Mom's Favorite Choice

Welcome to Kewlani Agro

Our Journey in Agri Products dates back to 4 decades. We are not just an organization, we are generations dedicated to offering finest quality grains that are first choice of Moms, the toughest cooking experts. Three generations together, decades of experience and toughest quality standards make us the most preferred cereal and pulses providers across the region.

Right from sourcing till the processing and packaging, our finest product range is manufactured at state-of-the-art facility plant with zero human touch and under stringently hygienic conditions.
So, when you choose a pack of Kewlani Agro be rest assured that is tried and tested by toughest cooking expert and Kitchen queens, that is you Mommy.

Roti, Paratha, Naan
Pizza - Handpicked Multipurpose
Wheat Flour

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